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Magic Quadrate (RPG) project - Игростроение и развлечение

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Magic Quadrate (RPG) project
quadrathellДата: Вторник, 25.12.2007, 23:43 | Сообщение # 1
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Genre of game: Puzzle RPG

Download RUS version

Now there are 9 levels of monsters at game :

1. A bumblebee - mutant - (a life 40) (force 4) (dexterity 4) (experience 5)

2. A bat - (a life 55) (force 5) (dexterity 5) (experience 10)

3. A wild dog - (a life 65) (force 8) (dexterity 5) (experience 15)

4. An old skeleton - (a life 90) (force 11) (dexterity 5) (experience 20)

5. Smelly zombi - (a life 120) (force 14) (dexterity 7) (experience 30)

6.The vampire the private soldier - (a life 120) (force 20) (dexterity 10) (experience 40) (Now is not present)

7. The goblin the security guard - (a life 140) (force 28) (dexterity 11) (experience 50)

8. Trol the security guard - (a life 160) (force 35) (dexterity 15) (experience 100)

9. A red dragon - (a life 300) (force 30) (dexterity 50) (experience 500)

Increase of a level:

1. Force - Increases force for 3 units... Plays a greater role in drawing heavy damages to the enemy and a little to protection of the hero...

2. Dexterity - increases dexterity for 3 units... Plays a greater role in chance to protect the hero from damage of the enemy (the big parameter of protection influences force of the hero)

3. Survivability - Does the maximal life of the hero on 10 units more, thus found bottles lives +20, treat on 10 items more with each got level. At raised health your hero feels much better as force and dexterity is a little overestimated too.

4. The magician - Increases possession of magic. At a search of corpses you find on 5 items many more, the magic became stronger on 1 item, cost is cheaper on 1 item. At increase of this knowledge to you it is added on 500 god-sends more..

5. The scientist - With each level of this knowledge your hero is trained on much faster, for each killed monster, you receive on 5 points of more experience


1. The magic hall - an expense of a god-send 300 units Magic is used only on a card.. Costing at deadlock, at use we punch walls in all directions (not the next cells) very useful magic for an output from deadlocks.

2. Treatment - Magic works both on a card and in fight, an expense of 100 god-sends for 10 items of a life, at the raised level possession of magic an expense 100+Level of magic and treatment 10+Level of magic

3. The lightning - the Electric category in cost of 100 god-sends takes away 10 lives of the monster + a level of magic...

4. The plague - Magic a plague in cost of 200 god-sends infects the monster on 5 points and with each course the loss decreases for 1 unit. The level of knowledge of magic strengthens starting defeat of the monster. (protection of the monster does not influence illness)


1,2,3,4 - Chests: a god-send +100 +200 +300 +400

5. A board - +1 to dexterity

6. A dagger - +1 to force

7. A sword - +2 to force

8. A bottle - +20 to Life + level of skills of survivability *10

9. A key - the Fragment of a teleport, their only 3 (at presence of three parts and a level of the hero 5 you can pass to a following level) - in this case it is not realized yet, but artifakt brings 50 experiences + a level of the scientist *5

Backpack of the hero (stock)

On the 9 slots. In the overpacked backpack of a thing are not added, vanish completely!

Spells dropping out from monsters:

1. A spell of a life + 50 units (mana it is not required)

2. A spell many + 500 units

3. A spell of " 10 lightnings " - a loss to the enemy 100 units (mana it is not required)

4. A spell " the Arrow of the magician " - a loss 50 units (mana it is not required)

5. The spell "Poison" - initial damage 10 units works by a principle of magic "Plague" (mana it is not required)

6. The spell of "Accuracy" - to your loss of a sword is added 3 units of damage up to the end of fight (the magic is not required)

7. The spell " the Magic board " - up to the end of fight adds 3 units of protection (mana it is not required) to protection

Management of game:
Moving of the hero on a card is carried out by the cursor. Fight - The cursor to the left (Later I shall change, adjustment has remained from testing)
The Choice of pass of a location - left cliques of a mousy by the button with number of a location or digital keys of the keyboard.

1. First of all we investigate district, we open the closed places.
2. We go to the chosen location for battle or a prize.
3. After fight or purchase of a prize, we choose a fragment of pass on a place where there was a fight or a prize.

After death of the hero game is closed automatically... To finish game it is possible pressing of a mousey a dagger or key ESC

In game my formula of a parity of a life of the hero to its abilities to attack and be protected is introduced, that is the more the hero is damaged the more it is helpless... Same concerns to monsters...
Advantage of the hero always to attack the first and consequently strong opponents are better for killing magic in the beginning of fight
Game is constructed on full randome, never know that will be in the following location, what pass will drop out and as your hero and the monster will attack. We count only on success.

Actually this detailed description with explanations on game.
I wait for your advice and offers on game... I shall listen to all and I shall try to introduce in the project or to correct.

IvinДата: Воскресенье, 17.02.2008, 23:15 | Сообщение # 2
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quadrathell, не смог запустить, не найдена какая-то ДЛЛ. Но судя по содержимому папок очень хорошо. Только говорят тормозит сильно...

Все мои рассказы - http://ivin.3dn.ru/
Мои статьи - http://www.textsale.ru/u102051team102051.html
quadrathellДата: Понедельник, 18.02.2008, 00:33 | Сообщение # 3
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Ivin, попробуй вот здесь http://quadrathell.do.am/forum/32-6-1
wink cool
там и дллка есть

Игростроение и развлечение » Программинг » Готовые проекты или в разработке » Magic Quadrate (RPG) project (my project)
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